How to take care of one’s self as a teacher.

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How to take care of one’s self as a teacher.

As a teacher, learn how to take care of yourself

Taking care of oneself as a teacher is important, especially because teachers take care of most school  activities  and students.A teacher is a person who helps students acquire knowledge both formally and informally. its no doubt that teachers play an important part in the growth of every economy. A teacher is a great being because of the different lives they have touched. Doctors, lawyers, name any kind of occupation, without a teachers impact, these people wouldn’t have the skills they possess.

Health they say is wealth, taking care of your health is paramount. The long hours of classes, the everyday shouting, the need to put every activities in order are enough reasons to have breakdowns once in a while. That’s not always a good thing, though. Overworking can lead to tiredness and sickness- leaving us less effective as a teachers.

How can we take care of ourselves as teachers? what ways can we take care of ourselves?

1. Eat great meals and Stay Hydrated

 Eating good meals and staying well hydrated are one of the few steps to taking proper care of oneself. one way to achieving this is to have a plan on what to eat and how to prepare it irrespective of a busy schedule. Make plans for both breakfast and lunch each day. Invest in a lunchbox that makes you happy,  that way, you’re more likely to use it if you like looking at it.

A portable water bottle can also help you drink enough water, this way, you get to stay hydrated all day, especially if you remember to use it. Refill it during break times and always keep it in a safe place in your class room, especially where you can always remember you kept it.

How to take care of one's self as a teacher.

2.  Think positive always

When feeling tired or worn out, negative thoughts tend to set in. when negativity sets in, our works can be affected and this may tell a lot on what the day may look like through out. The first thing  one needs to do in order to take care of oneself  is to be able to see positivism in  every situation. Secondly, find that  places where you can get a positive fill –it  might be through taking a break and talking to a colleague, reading affirmation cards you keep on your desk , positive quotes on the walls or a beautiful picture to look at. All that matters is staying positive and happy. Also, spend sometime talking to the students, students have a way of  cheering the mood.

3. Manage your time at School Effectively

Times you spend at school is so precious, so always try to use it wisely!  In order t0 take care of oneself as a teacher, one must be able to manage ones time in school, one has to avoid distractions, side talks or associations with stuffs not relating to school stuffs. Use your school management app to plan, mark and organise time to plan, communicate with parents, answering emails – things that help you do your work better!

 Find out what helps you focus when you are at school. write out the list of things you do and set a time for each of them. You might need to close the door to your classroom to let your colleagues and/or students know that you’re working.The more work get done in school time, the less you bring home. That way, you can make plans for another day and you also get to avoid work rollover.

4. Take care of  your personal life

At the verge of carrying out school activities, don’t be too engrossed in it, thereby, forgetting you have a personal life. Aside school life, a teacher must  learn to maintain a fun personal life outside. Make time for yourself and the people you love. indulge in fun activities, plan a beach trip with your family and friends once in a while, take yourself on a movie date. You could also talk a walk with a friend, have an exercise class that keeps you healthy and stronger or do anything that makes you happy.