How iQ helps schools Everyday

iQ helps school manages school stress and is easy to access among teachers and every school administrative team.


Who we are

iQ is a product of Torilo Nigeria, an I.T-based firm incorporated in Nigeria with its headquarters in the UK. iQ school management app focuses on providing top-notch services that will be directed to specifically catering for educational institutions that are geared towards adopting a more digitized approach to solving administrative problems.

Our mission is to provide school institutions, especially primary and secondary schools with smarter, faster and record keeping solutions on the latest technology applications. We also provide technological support and training that will help staff use the app easily.

Our primary motive is to build an online solution for schools, with integrated modules to manage all aspects of school administration bringing the parent, students, staffs, and teachers under one digital platform..

iQ provides schools with necessary tools needed to manage the school’s day to day activities. Once installed, iQ surprises them with a quicker and easier way to manage their school profile and also refines school image. If your idea is to raise your school standard, we can be of help and we would always aid your everyday step.

Save time and money

Implement iQ to budget precisely and ensure your money and resources are put to good use. Get smarter by communicating effectively while reducing repetition of task and improving administration process

Intuition for school Administrators

School leaders love a complete picture of their school for decision-making process, and analysing the progress and success of their plan. iQ gives schools a well detailed picture of how your school is doing with or without your presence.

Facilitate teaching and learning

Teachers are sometimes stressed and often long to have the freedom to teach without worrying over administrative duties. iQ can help solve this issue. From reducing the workload,to dealing with assessments and attendance taking, iQprovides an easy way of performing administrative functions.

Manage daily school life

School staff are busy individuals faced with different school task such as school fee collection, accounting or dealing with admission process.iQ helps by providing a solution to each and every school administration hurdle.Efficiently managing finances to bringing school processes online, we’re here to make it all far easier for you.

Attract new student

Schools seeking to attract a large number of students will benefit from iQ. Time and workload can be reduced while having more opportunity to attend to more admission processes.

Create a communication room

Communicating and interacting with parents is a great way to support learning.This can be quite challenging.Getting parents involved in their kids academics as well as sending necessary information. when they need it.iQ helps through the use of a parent app, text or email thereby helping you to build unity within the school environment.

Manage finances

Managing a school’s finances can be complex yet iQ simplifies finance by providing a real-time snapshot of all income and outgoing in one place. Make the right financial decisions for your school without spending hours drilling down to find the detail. Use iQ to manage cash flow and maximize resources.

Meet The Team

Genevieve Nwagwu

Growth Lead

Azeez Taofik

Lead Support

Ibrahim Abass

Lead Software Developer

Micheal Utoh

Junior Software Developer

Oluwaseyi Alaka

Junior Software Developer

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