Why iQ4Schools

  • iQ school management software is helpful for schools who wants an effective and efficient flow of communication.
  • Access student information, office staff and parents all in one platform
  • Manage all your financial reports and organize day to day activities

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  • iQ school management software is a user friendly and cost-effective mobile app for schools
  • Our Application enables users connect freely within and outside school environment
  • iQ is designed to ease data management process, financial management and bridge parent-teacher communication gap

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Stay in sync,
no matter where you go

Our customers says

  • Head Teacher
    Using iQ school management software has reduced my school visitation. With my busy schedule, I can easily contact my child’s teacher concerning any changes in my child’s performance. I can also catch a glimpse of anything i miss during the PTA meeting on days I couldn't attend. Life has been way easier with this app and I now have more than enough information about my child’s academics.
    Mr Foluso Olugbe
    Susan Memorial School
  • Proprietor
    IQ is a user-friendly app that has made the school administration process easier and faster. With iQ, i have been able to manage every class activities being away or available. Through it, I also get to know the cash inflow and outflow in the school’s account. iQ has saved me a lot of moving around as all I have to do is access any file through it without the need to get to school before accessing any information needed.
    Lanlet Montessori
  • Principal
    iQ has saved the school the expenses of printing to generate payroll. Through iQ management app, the school can generate payroll for staff salaries. Also, there is a decrease in arguments between parents and teachers as parents can now communicate with their children's teachers concerning their academic performance and attendance level in school. We are really happy iQ management system came to our school
    Mr Salami
    Zodiac Schools
  • Parent
    Marking of attendance, score recording and easy noting of absentees through the app is one feature I love about iQ. iQ has made my work a lot easier and I can also observe /monitor the students without having to think of my work load. Thanks to iQ, my time management skills have really improved.
    Mrs Khadijah Alli
    Peace Path School

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