Refer and Earn

Earn up to NGN 100,000 (for Individuals) or enjoy a year subscription free (for School Owners) when you refer schools.


It is very important that you must have contacted the school you want to refer to us before referring them as we will be mentioning you as the Referrer.

Sign Up

Sign up as a School Administrator/Proprietor or an Individual

We Follow Up

Our Sales Team will follow up with the referred school.

You Earn

You get paid only on the first payment made by the referred school.



Fill the signup form to refer a school and click on the button below to start earning.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is iQ?
    iQ is a user friendly and flexible school management software designed to ease data management process and bridge the parent- teacher communication gap. Our application enables users connect freely within a school environment and also connect with parents irrespective of their busy schedule, perform administrative duties effectively, generate online report through a single user friendly platform, perform Hr and payroll function and keep track of cash inflow and outflow into the institution. For more information Click Here
    2Is iQ free?
    The iQ app is not free. Once a school adopts any of our pricing plan, they get to enjoy a free maintenance service. To know about our pricing plan, Click Here or Call us on 08123456971
    3How much does iQ cost?
    iQ is cost effective and is targeted towards schools that are thinking smart . Our prices are pocket friendly. Want to know more about our pricing plan? Click Here or Call us on 08123456971
    4Which school or institutions can adopt iQ
    For now, iQ is designed to be used by Private Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools
    5Who can make a request for iQ
    A school administrator or any important personnel in a school environment. A teacher can also request but under the influence of a higher authority. A partner to the company who has signed up for the partnership deed. An individual who has filled our individual refer and earn program.
    6Is the refer and earn program a Network Marketing Program
    No, as an individual, you get commission on only the first payment of every on-boarded school referred by you. While as a school owner/admin already using iQ, you get a 50% discount on the term subscription.
    7What do I do if I have a school to refer to the company?
    Simply fill the form above while the sales team follows up on the referred school. You get your commission when the school is on-boarded through the account details you provide in the form. Click the link Terms and Conditions to get more information
    8Will I get more commissions if I refer multiple schools?
    As an individual, for every on-boarded school from your referred form, you get a commission on each of them. If you refer 10 schools to the company and they all get on-boarded, you get the commissions on all of them.
    9By 'On-boarding', what does this mean?
    On-boarding refers to any school that the application has been deployed into and has become a paying client of the company. You get the commission ONLY on their first payment after application is deployed.