iQ school management app has simplified the attendance taking process. Mark all student attendance in 5 minute.Attendance record can be accessed by parents without having to wait for paper report cards

Finance management

School finances can be monitored through iQ,ranging from school expenses, school fees, salaries,and school item sales expenses.With iQ, school administrators can keep tab on every cash inflow and outflow into the school management account. Also, parents can also have access to the items paid for online without the need to visit schools


input assessment scores via excel at a cliq through the app. Attendance record can be accessed by parents without having to wait for paper report cards. Easy and faster record keeping of prospective clients enquiry can be easily documented.

Impeccable grading system and smart looking report card

iQ allows both teachers and parents have access to an automated generated report card with different layouts and a well detailed transcript accessible for various classes and different students.​ Not only is it a hassle- free report card generation, it is flexible to adapt to grading system according to the school's distinct style​.

HR and Payroll

HR personnel works with the accounting department to ensure that wage and other payroll expenses are paid and properly reported.​ ​With iQ payroll feature, create your own payroll and run it as at when due.​ You can easily generate and print out employee’s payslip easily.

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Student and Employee Birthday Reminders

Birthdays are part of both student and staff success story. With iQ, employees and students birthdays reminders can easily be communicated and celebrated.

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Accounting/tuition Management

Well detailed and secured finance management system for tracking school fees and sales item. With iQ, you can track every fee paid and get all account statement at the spur of the moment. It helps determine your school’s profit and loss instantly.

School Enquiry Tracking system

iQ allows easy record profiling and q​uick search of student records in case of emergencies. With the SMS and email integration feature, parents can easily track and communicate their complaints to school administrators and teachers.

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Student Admission Processing

iQ allows easy processing of both new and existing students admission. Students can easily know their admission status through the platform and also be able to follow up.

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Tuition Fee Payment alerts via SMS

Parents get to receive an alert when payments are posted on the application via Sms. iQ tution SMS alert platform sends instant sms to parents once fee payment has been completed without necessarily waiting for a receipt.

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