Features: IQ

Smart-Looking Report Cards

Automated and stress-free children’s report cards generation, with different layouts to assess the child based on position per subject, assessment per subject, comparison with the highest and average scores obtained per subject and a beautiful layout design template for your wards.

Student Record Management

Seamless students’ records processing and management. Effective SMS platform to communicate with parents by categories depending on the recipients. Student Assessment tracking and monitoring anywhere and anytime.

Accounting (Expenses)

Care about your school’s daily, weekly, monthly or yearly expenditure? IQ has a module for keeping records of your expenses tailored to your needs. You can determine your running cost anytime and anywhere using your internet ready device.

Accounting (Tuition Fees & Sale Items)

Flexible tuition fees and sales items posting. This can be done individually or in batch. Automated posting and comprehensive accounting records generation. Can be used as a business intelligence tool for basic accounting records and generation. Tuition fees payment automatic alert to parents when tuition fees are posted.

HR & Payroll

Do you worry about running your school’s staff’s payroll or printing out payslips? IQ brings to you an HR/Payroll module which enables you to create your own payroll and run it and as at when due. You can easily generate and print out employee’s payslips.

Unlimited Profiles

Easy and quick accessibility of profiles saved on the application. Quick search module for profiles and endless list of profiles that can saved on the application.

Intelligent Reports

  • Tuition Fees Account Summary
  • Tuition Fees Payment Details
  • Reports on Items sold in the school
  • Profit and Loss Accounting records
  • Expenses Accounting records
  • Employees Salaries paid records
  • Students’ Report Cards Generation per class
  • Quick view of Students Statistics
  • Easy Access to Employees’ records and Lists for future references and lots more.

Student & Employee Birthday Reminders

Easy communication of Children’s birthday reminders to parents Employees’ birthday reminder.

Student Admission processing

Admission tracking, processing, verification and authentication.

School Enquiry Tracking system

  • Quick search for Profiles and records for students in case of emergencies.
  • Easy communication between parents and the school.
  • SMS integration platform for short messages to the parents
  • Sending messages via e-mail to parents

Tuition Fee Payment alerts via SMS to parents

Automatic Payments to parents on tuition fees paid. Parents get to receive an alert when payments are posted on the application. SMS will be sent to the parents by the system if enabled for such action, which will notify them of how much paid and the balances if any.