How parent involvement leads to a child’s success

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August 30, 2019
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September 25, 2019
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How parent involvement leads to a child’s success

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Does parent involvement in a child’s success matters?

Parent  involvement in a child’s academic performance is one of the most effective way a child learns fast. Children’s academic performance can not be measured by how costly the school is or the fee payed. instead, parent Involvement in a child’s learning process is the best way to measure his or her success.
When parents actively participate in their children’s academic,children feel they  have the home support and knowledge to complete their assignments. Gutman & McLoyd (2000) found that parents of successful achieving children show more interest and seek more contact with teachers and schools than parents of low achievers

Teachers that focus on parent engagement see a great change in their classes.The more  involved parent get in their children’s education, the better their grades get

Parent involvement is when parents takes their time to participate in their children’s school activities and teachers provide necessary information about their student’s grades.

Why it is important Parent participate in their child’s academic performance?

when parents are involved in their children’s academics, a child’s progress can easily be monitored. if a child isn’t doing well, measures can be taken to help them improve.

No matter how busy we get, being involved in our children’s lives both academically and emotionally matters.

To be in a child’s memory,

you have to be in their lives today”

Tricks for parent involvement in a child’s academic


We know how busy parents can get with work but our children’s academics should not be at the lacking end. Attending PTA meetings and also constantly communicating with the Teachers and school Administrators will help track our children’s performances. Technology has made everything easier, back in the days when the only means of communication was to visit the school. Smart schools now use school management apps that can ease Parent-Teacher communication. Through this, student performances can be monitored on  a parent part.


Parental involvement creates a connection between parent and their children. When parent connects with their children, it builds their confidence when it comes to learning. It also build a parent to children relationship.can boost your confidence in parenting and any decision-making when it comes to your child’s education.

Set goals

Setting goals with our children can help build our parental involvement. Children act fast when a task come with incentives. You could set a goal with them and promise a reward if the goal is achieved. That way, they would  be much happier you are interested in their studies. When these goals are achieved, the incentives as well should follow.