Benefit of Attendance Taking to schools

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September 25, 2019
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Benefit of Attendance Taking to schools

Attendance taking benefits in schools is a very crucial part of running a school actively and must not be sidelined. It is a time taking exercise, especially if you have a large number of students in your class. That is why we have to devise a simple and faster way of making things easy.

Why do schools take attendance?

Attendance taking helps you as a teacher know the number of students that come to school regularly. It also helps determine the average percentage of students  present or absent. If students attendance rate is low, schools may likely face the challenge of getting students to come to school.

Attendance rate can determine the success of a student especially in their academic success. Through attendance taking, teachers can determine the level of academic performance of a student, how frequent they attend school and also work on helping them improve in their studies. Students who don’t attend school regularly are more likely to have academic setbacks.

 Did you know that?

  • Constant absence from school can cause failure in academics
  • Getting late to school can lead to poor attendance
  • Absence from school makes a teacher regress and in turn affect other students
  • Missing 10 percent increases the chance that a student will not be able to read or master math at the same level as their age grade
  • Absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school
  • A child’s presence in school helps him build great relationships and add valuable skills.

Ways schools can can benefit from taking attendance

  • Attendance rate of students can improve if schools make the school environment a place where both parents and students feel welcomed. 
  • Schools should always check up on absentees and let them know they are greatly missed.
  • Contact parents on reasons why their child is absent and let them know you are concerned.
  • Schools can explain the implication of student missing schools to parents and suggest ways it can be averted

Ways parents can help improve attendance

  • Parents should discuss the importance of being present in school always with their kids and how it will help them retain a good job in the future
  • If your child’s school is attending a school that uses a school management app, you could request the attendance data of  your child’s 
  • Develop a plan that ensures your child gets to school on time.
  • Give little incentives for not missing or going late to schools
  • Reach out using parent /teacher’s portals of your child’s support to track progress on their lateness/absent level

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