The differences between school website and school management app

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The differences between school website and school management app

The differences between a school website and school management app

Many people often have confusion about the difference between school management app and a school website. Although very similar and closely related, the two have their different roles. School website and school Management app are two different entities a school should possess. There are cases whereby school administrators ask questions like “why own a school app” when there is a website already. A website should contain specific information and generic data for everyone while a school management app provides a medium for schools to reach out to parents effectively. 

 School website differs from School management app because of their different features.

Information/ Administration

A school websites provides quality information to both new and existing customers about the activities of a school, display students innovations, keep records of the social activities that takes place in the school on the other hand the school management app is designed to help in the day to day running of the school as a business, workplace and an institution for learning.

Data Management/Enquiry

Every school needs a school management app to control student details and every department worksheet. It allows for easy student record keeping, profit and loss tracking, smart looking online report card and secured access to results  while a school website has information on every subject offered, contact information in cases of enrollment, detailed calendar of events coming up in the school.

Admission/job opportunities

A school management app allows for easy admission of new students and teachers , making it easier to keep records clean, complete, organised, and easy to retrieve while a school website gives information on job opportunities for teachers and new student admission. It also allows schools administrators have access to every department without having to move around to oversee the activities.

Learning process/parent participation

School websites are useful to  parents looking out for a smart school for their children and these does not contribute to child’s learning process. It enlightens them on children’s performances in school, constant attendance update, homework, exam schedule, results, school activities etc. School management allows for parent participation and also give room for feedback through time to time information gathered.

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