The Importance of Education

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August 27, 2019
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The Importance of Education

The importance of education to every one is for development and growth. At one point or the other, we once said we wanted to be either a doctor, lawyer, an engineer or a news caster. Being all of this can’t just happen by saying it, but attending schools and studying helps us attain our desires.

When I start to think of the importance of education,, it reminds me of my high school memories, my school teachers, class mates, break times, studies and every fun memory that came with school.


Now lets look at some of the importance of education?

Improves happiness and confidence

Education can improve someone’s happiness and confidence. When one is able to read and write, you feel a sense of confidence wherever you go. You know your right and wrong constitutionally, especially if someone tries to tamper with or impose their will upon you.

Provides opportunities.

Education gives room for more opportunities in the outside world. Through learning and the exposure we have had in school, we are able to think big and different. It also helps one think beyond just being on the spot but strive to be a better person.

Fosters critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to analyse things and situations in order to make a good judgement of it. Education gives you the opportunity to think deeply, arrange your wants and make the best decision.

Rewards in terms of money

Some people assume that education is too costly while failing to realize that it is what you invest in that yields return. After schooling, if you are lucky enough to get a high paying job, then you start seeing the benefit of education.

Creates a comfortable and stable life

To live a better and more comfortable life, a person needs to be aware of education’s importance. Living a comfortable life is everyone’s desire and education plays a vital role in how well we want to live our lives.

Allows one to be able to read and write

 Education gives a person an opportunity to be able to read and write. Most of the information in the society of today are being communicated in written format and if one isn’t able to communicate in that language, one may be regarded as insignificant in the society.

Makes one useful in the society

Being educated makes one useful in the society. There is a rise in demand for different occupation experts. Medical doctors, digital marketers, content creators, teachers, lawyers, etc in order to provide such services in a populous country, one has to have attained a level or education.

Exposes one to technology

Food production, medicine, electronic gadgets, automobiles and other luxury are all exposure that came to be due to education. Without basic education, it would be difficult for one to operate modern gadgets. Even use of social networking sites basic education to operate it.  

For a country  to grow, it is important for every member to be educated.